Self-Esteem Through Art and Connection

For teen girls who are ready to move from struggling and stuck to thriving and connected.

Teens experience many stressors: school pressures, difficulties with peers, tensions at home, and confusing emotions that can be overwhelming and hard to talk about. These can contribute to a teen’s negative sense of self-worth and self-esteem and block them from creating healthy relationships and fully engaging in their lives.

Through connection and the creative process, our Teen Girls Art Therapy Group will help your teen:

  • Develop self-awareness and get to know herself better, so that she can express herself more easily and connect better with self and others.
  • Discover untapped strengths and abilities, so that she can approach life with more confidence and motivation.
  • Quiet her inner critic so that she can accept herself as she is and cultivate more self-compassion.
  • Gain perspective on, recognize and move through difficult emotions so that she can build resilience, perseverance and tolerance for frustration.
  • Cultivate healthy self-esteem so that she can achieve her goals and develop meaningful relationships.

Help your teen go from insecure and self-doubting to confident and connected!

We would love to help!

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This workshop runs for 8 weeks on Saturday afternoons, beginning February 17. No art talent or experience is needed. All materials are supplied. Facilitated by Deniz Naji, Professional Art Therapist.

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It is a small group with limited space so get in touch soon!

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