Couple Therapy

Have you lost your connection? Do you get stuck in negative cycles of blame and defensiveness?
Let us help you break the cycle and restore your connection.

Individual Counselling

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, anger, self-esteem issues or relational difficulties, we can work with you to better understand the challenges in your life and help you make healthier, more conscious choices.

Lower-Cost Therapy

Looking for a more affordable option? Under certain conditions, we offer a reduced fee option. And you can still use your private insurance.

Parent Coaching

Does parenting seem harder than it should be? Do you often feel frustrated, guilty or like a ‘bad’ parent?
You’re not alone, and we can help!

Workshop for Parents of Anxious Kids

Is your child fearful of being alone? Does he or she avoid everyday activities such as seeing friends or going outside, or worry constantly?

Join our fall group to help your child move through anxiety!

Teen Girls Art Therapy Group

Is your teen girl struggling with low self-esteem? Does she lack confidence and motivation to achieve goals or connect with others?

Our Teen Girl Art Therapy Group can help!

Video Therapy

Money Coaching

Are you struggling with your finances? Do you have too much debt or feel lost when it comes to setting financial goals?

A professional money coach, also called a financial organizer, can help!

Get in Touch

If you are struggling now, don’t wait until you can see a therapist in person. Please contact Couple and Family Therapy Montreal to find out more or to book your first video session. We are here to help.