Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids

A virtual workshop for parents who are ready to move their kids from struggling and stuck to coping and resilient.

A child’s anxiety can take over everything in the home, especially if accompanied by big feelings and extreme emotional reactions.

If left untreated, anxiety can have short- and long-term negative effects for both physical and mental health, including sleeplessness, disrupted routines, time and energy taken away from other children or work, school absencereduced opportunities for learning, and social and emotional development.

In short, your world, your child’s world becomes smaller, more restrictive and more isolated.


  • feel more secure so that good-byes and transitions are not such a struggle
  • feel more confident to step into scary or unfamiliar situations
  • settle into sleep more easily without your physical presence
  • handle worries and negative thoughts in a healthier way
  • build resilience to better move through difficult feelings and experiences
  • cultivate courage so that your child can move towards discovery and exploration instead of staying stuck in fear and avoidance

Help your child go from fearful and avoidant to resilient and secure!

We would love to help!

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This is a 6-week, 12-hour workshop starting this fall.

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This is a small group, with limited spaces.

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